• Horticulture LED SMD lamp Plantalux AX60

Symbol: AX60
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Plantalux LED SMD AX60 lamps are widely used by growers in cannabis & hemp indoor farms in Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Israel, North Macedonia, Uruguay and recently in US.

  • lamp dimensions: 1000/ 100/ 25 mm
  • power consumption: up to 150W
  • Power Factor: 0,98
  • ingress protection:IP66
  • lamp equipped with LED light source made in SMD technology
  • light source lifespan up to 80 000 hours
  • beam angle: 120°
  • lamp equipped with diffuse glass for improved light distribution and uniformity
  • case made of anodized aluminum
  • passive heat dissipation
  • warranty: 5 years

    As standard, each lamp is delivered without a contact plug, this is because these lamps, mainly used in industry, are connected directly to the switching contacts, so the plug is not needed.
    If you want to receive a plug with the lamp, write to us in the comments to the order and specify its type (EU, UK, US or other).

Plantalux Full Spectrum - LED SMD module of very broad spectrum including additional 10% of far red. Created to fulfill balanced growth and at the same time being pleasant for human eyes. Useful especially in cultivation with limited access to natural light or its complete absence like in vertical and indoor farms.

image image
Szerokość (mm) 1000
Wysokość (mm) 25
Głębokość (mm) 100
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