• Intelligent control for led lighting Control panel - PLANTALUX HMI +control box

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The device and software are used to control Plantalux LED lighting.

The system includes:
- control panel - HMI,
- DIN rail drivers - BOX,
- sensory modules (optional),
- additional expansion modules.

HMI+control box is for max 200 lamps (optimum 100) 

HMI+control box its a part of industial automatic cabinet
HMI cannot control the lamp by itself like LINKO.

Control cabinet is priced individually, its price depends on the number of lamps it is supposed to support.

The PLANTALUX HMI operator panel enables:
• connection of up to 10 sections (PLANTALUX BOX drivers in control cabinets) via Et-hernet cable,
• setting the operating parameters (lamp power, on / off time) for each separate sections,
• assigning names to a the section,
• introducing delays (in seconds) for switching individual groups on separately for each section,
• introducing delays (in minutes) for switching senctions,
• preview of the current power on the main screen for each section,
• preview of set parameters for each section,
• reading data from CO2, temperature and humidity sensors,
• setting the number of sections operated (from 1 to 10),
• sunrise and sunset simulation settings (smooth brightening and dimming),
• Manual switching individual groups in the sections (on / off), e.g. in order to test the system operation,
• setting a screen lock by entering a PIN number,
After purchasing additional PLANTALUX GATEWAY devices, it is possible to operate the operator panel (HMI) by external devices, such as PC / CLOUD, automatic control module with sun sensor, remote configuration and checking parameters.

Full technical date is here: PL-klik ENG-klik

Full data sheet is here: PL-klik EN-klik

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